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Whisky Chaser


The Whisky Chaser bouquet depicts the warm, orangey brown notes of an aged single malt and offers a nod to the rugged Scottish landscape and the key ingredient – barley.  With its mix of fresh apricot coloured roses, lime green hypericum and orange alstroemeria, the bouquet also incorporates a range of dried flowers to give it those craggy textures.  Let this luxury bouquet warm your heart!  Cheers!



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Flowertology:  Best supporting actor goes to… the alstroemeria!

The alstroemeria is a firm favourite at Ollie & Ivy.   Often found in one of our luxury flower bouquets, it’s a great supporting actor for those leading ladies, such as the rose and hydrangea.

It’s perhaps apt then that the alstroemeria represents friendship, strength and devotion.  The perfect flower to gift a friend in troubling times.  These little beauties also denote purity and love, so are sometimes found in bridal bouquets.  Even if you’re not getting married, these are great long-lasting blooms that will bring you or your loved one joy for days to come. 

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