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Killer Queen


Our Killer Queen bouquet adds royal splendour to our flower collection.  This large bouquet of roses, snapdragons and hydrangeas represents the purity and innocence of virgin white and cream monochrome shades and a hint of pink, along with the textures and shapes of the traditional British garden.  It’s definitely all killer and absolutely no filler, Ma’am!

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Flowertology :  My Love is like a red red Rose

We all know the rose depicts true love, but did you know the colour of a rose indicates our level of affection?  A white rose represents innocent love; whilst a pink one symbolises blossoming romance and a red rose represents passion.

Whatever colour you choose, remember being a rose is thirsty work!  Make sure they are regularly topped up with water and keep your vase clean.  With some tender loving care, your bouquet of roses will last longer – just like your affections!

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