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Heathland Heaven


Our Heathland Heaven bouquet combines the rustic, rugged fauna of the Scottish hillside with the warmth and colour of the heathers and heath, found high in these glorious and blowy landscapes.  Combining fresh green chrysanthemums and purply clematis and alliums, with the woody pinks of chamelaucium, this beautiful bouquet showcases the luxury flowers of the season.

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Flowertology:  Count on Alliums

Counts, Vamps, Bloodsuckers beware!  The sweet long stemmed allium with its bulbous flower head is actually part of the garlic family.  Just like garlic, some alliums are edible, but most varieties are now grown for their ornamental properties.

The allium is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, which probably explains why it’s a stalwart seasonal flower found at the Chelsea Flower Show.   Yet alliums grow in manner of conditions, including on Mount Everest!  

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