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The Impressionist’s Palette


The Impressionist’s Palette bouquet takes us back to the Paris Salon of the 19th Century and the dancing marks and rich hues of blue delphiniums, lavender stocks, purple statice, burgundy snapdragons and topped off with the silvery stems of eucalyptus, representing the colours of French landscapes of Normandy.


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Flowertology:  We love euc! 

Less flower, more foliage, the eucalyptus tree is the perfect accompaniment to our luxury flower bouquets.  With its distinctive blue, silvery leaves and fabulous fresh smell, it’s easy to see why it’s often found in bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements.   

Originally native of Australia, the bushy branches and round-shaped leaves work well with pastel shades but also contrast well with bolder and more vivid coloured flowerheads.  There are around 700 types of eucalyptus and all vary in colour and shape.  The Aboriginals consider them to be a holy species, dividing the underworld, Earth and heaven and bringing positive energy with their purifying effect when burned.    Of course, koalas love ‘em!  So in our view, they must be blooming marvellous! 

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