We are Ollie & Ivy and we are luxury floral designers, working across the UK and France.

Our original floral designs blend the sophistication of French romance, with contemporary wild Celtic charm and the informal style of the cottage garden.

We like to add a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to our flower palette. That’s because we trained in Paris at the internationally renowned Catherine Muller Flower School.

Living in Paris, we overloaded our senses with the sounds, smells and tastes of all things French and these now inform our online luxury collections, which also prioritise locally sourced materials and make use of the most eco-friendly packaging.

But wait a minute. “A dog working as a florist?” we hear you cry!

Well, Yorkshire Terriers are an intelligent lot and in this creative partnership, Ollie is the ‘eyes’, whilst Ivy is the ‘hands’. After all, every leading swashbuckling fur dandy, needs a super-strong supporting lady. A Ginger to a Fred, A Laurel to a Hardy!

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Bonne journée à vous !


Ollie & Ivy x